Inbound Traffic on a Budget: The Secret is Out

It used to be the case that whichever large brand had the most money to throw at advertising would get the best minds to create the best campaigns that would get them the most sales. Now that the playing field has been somewhat leveled by social media, engagement and content can travel further than ever before. For the first time, you don’t need thousands of dollars to bring in fantastic business for your company.

Of course, having a little extra money to spend can’t hurt… you could buy fancy fancy SEO consultancy services and programs, hire someone to redesign your website, and commission new research to create beautiful infographics, but what  can you do with literally no budget? 


  • This is the biggest secret weapon of generating traffic to your website. Having a blog that you update frequently shows the Google search algorithms that your website publishes new content, a factor that will cause Google to rank your page higher in search results.
  • Posts don’t have to be very long, but they should be interesting and valuable to your target audience. Don’t publish fluff–it never pays to try and trick Google and no one will bother coming back to your blog a second time.
  • If you’re pressed for time, spread the task of blogging around and get lots of contributors from your company. It will get everyone more involved and keep the perspectives fresh


  • Update your company’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ pages. It’s free and it doesn’t take that long. Throw up some photos. Make it look welcoming and post relevant information, tips, or fun facts at least once a day.
  • Spend as little as ten minutes a day responding to people who have left comments. Better yet, make a rotating schedule with other team members so that everyone gets involved.
  • There are communities for everything now–find out where your audience has gathered and go there. Whether it’s on one of the big platforms, a new one like Pinterest, or something more obscure. Make sure your audience can find your content!

Email Marketing

  • There are a number of email marketing programs that let you send to a limited list for free. If you’re a small company, take advantage of these! MailChimp is a pretty easy one I’ve used that allows for plenty of pretty formatting.
  • If you’re a large company with a list that exceeds the limit for the free accounts, don’t fret–you don’t need a fancy platform to send a good email marketing campaign. Just see what email marketing guru DJ Waldow has to say about it.
  • Program your email signature to have links to all of your social media platforms, your company website, and your blog. At every opportunity, make it easy for your company to be found.

Voice and Content

  • No matter what methods you employ, make sure the content you create is fresh and brings some value to your target audience. If it’s presented in a clear way with a true voice, it will rise above the chatter and generate some great inbound traffic.  Budget should never constrain you!

What else can you do with no budget to generate inbound traffic?

Post by Cricky Cicchetti

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