Man-Up: Be an Early Adopter

You can’t afford to be afraid of the unknown anymore.


Things are changing too quickly to find just one marketing strategy to rely on. It’s not enough to be smart–you have to be adaptable. When a new tool surfaces, it’s those who jump in first that get the joy of discovering and the benefits of being an early adopter.

Shockingly, people still resist updates and new features even when they know they’ll ultimately be forced to change. *cough* Facebook Timeline *cough* Pardon me, I have a sore throat.

What are the benefits of being an early adopter?

  • Influencing Others – If you’re publishing content about new platforms, you’re going to be in the small crowd that has authority on that topic. What better way to cultivate a following? Help break down the barriers of unfamiliarity that keep so many from embracing new technologies. When G+ wasn’t publicly available I went straight to Chris Brogan’s blog because I knew he’d have the low-down on what it was like. Lo and behold, I bought his book Google+ for Business.
  • Individuality – Decide for yourself what you think. Don’t wait for everyone else to review and pass judgement on a platform or tool. Try it out for yourself, you’ll go in without preconceptions that could influence your initial experience and it’s fun!
  • Shaping the Outcome – If you’re one of the first ones to use a new platform or tool, your feedback will be more likely to be heard. Embrace the chance to help shape something for the better and for your own needs. The company that produced it will appreciate it and you’ll be helping to improve the product.

Have there been platforms, tools, and new versions that I’ve resisted because I was so happy with my routine? Sure. But every time I just man-up and jump in I’m always pleased. Whether you like something or not, you’ve learned something about it and your preferences. You just won’t know until you get your hands dirty.

What platforms did you adopt early? Which ones took you longer to warm up to?

Post by Cricky Cicchetti

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