Ride the Google Wave: Set up your G+ brand page!

All the cool kids are doing it, and in this case, you should be too.

Google plus brand page

As Google continues to hone its search algorithms and platform assimilation (oh hey, YouTube) we all get closer to a full integrated Internet that doesn’t have so many doors and gateways. A scary thought? Perhaps. An incredible opportunity for brands? You bet.

Plenty of cautionary tales have shown us that it never pays to try and trick Google. Now, Google is getting so good that it really pays to work with the search giant! By voluntarily giving your brand’s information to Google you allow Google to help you get your information to the people who are looking for it (if you’re a local business, you should definitely fill out your Google Places profile ASAP!) Set up your Google+ brand page, link your social platforms, website, and blog, and let Google do what Google does best: help connect people with the information they seek. 

What’s important on a Google+ Brand Page?

  • Circles – This concept was one of the defining features of Google+. By grouping the people you connect with into circles you can very precisely share content or thoughts with exactly who you want. As a business owner, decide what groups are important to you. Current clients? Potential clients? Competitors? Fans/consumers? Set up your groups and then maintain them. Add everyone who follows you to the appropriate group, it doesn’t make sense to shut anyone out completely, you can always tuck them into a separate group until you find a use for them.
  • Honest Admins – Social platforms have gotten smarter and Google+ is one of the very smartest. Don’t create a fake user to be the admin for your brand page. If you don’t already have one, set up a personal G+ profile and make yourself an admin. By listing your work affiliation you open up the possibility of some very cool author linking for blog posts. It’s also easy to switch between managing your personal and work profiles, just click home and then the small gray arrow beside your profile icon.
admin profiles google plus

  • Filling out all information – Fill out as many fields as you can when you’re setting up your company’s page. List an email address and follow the prompts to verify it through Google. Make sure your profiles on other platforms are listed in Recommended Links. Make sure your introduction has all of your company’s major keywords that will help identify it to those searching for your service, brand, or product.
  • Content Sharing –  Post, post, post! Share your company’s latest blog post to those who will find it most interesting. Engage with your followers. As the communities on Google+ grow and gather momentum you want your  brand to already be well-established. As search results start to incorporate Google+ results, your content should be ready for indexing.

What else is important when setting up a Google+ brand page? Check out Chris Brogan’s Google+ for Business Infographic

Post by Cricky Cicchetti

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