Scared of Facebook Timeline? Please.

Facebook Timeline

When it comes to interacting with the web, people fall into two groups: Those who resist new technology and those who grab it with both hands and shake it around. Which are you?

Facebook Timeline is coming whether you’d like it to or not and there’s no use complaining about it (Facebook is an entirely free service that you can stop using at any time–they will make changes all the time as they see fit.) While you still have the opportunity to set up and edit your profile in Timeline before publishing it for public view, take a little time to get used to the layout. Right now it might not make much sense to you, but when you see your own information converted to Timeline format, you’ll start to understand it much better. It’s actually gives a fantastically efficient overview of someone’s Facebook history. There’s no need to be scared of Facebook Timeline.

Still doubtful? No worries.

  • Profile – Unlike the original Facebook page, you now have the opportunity to pick a banner photo. This gives you a lot more choice in personalizing your page and can make it feel more like home. Mine is a screenshot from my favorite computer game. Most people select a banner that will give some sort of nice contrast with their profile photo.Cricky Facebook Timeline banner
  • Photos – Facebook Timeline has a bigger emphasis on photos. Photos aren’t buried in albums but used as ways to mark time. Take the time to go back and edit which photos are emphasized within certain albums, and alter the privacy settings on others that you don’t want people to see.
  • Milestones – Another very cool feature of Facebook Timeline! Milestone banners break up the two-column format. They can be used for anything. Facebook automatically adds Milestones for graduations, starting certain jobs, and your birthday. Add some photos to these, they look really cool and make it easier to chart time at a glance. Facebook Timeline Milestone Cricky Cicchetti graduates from Yale
  • Buttons – If you’re starting to feel a little more comfortable with Timeline you can work on your buttons. Located just below the banner on the right hand side, these are gateways to more about you. Manage the things you’ve ‘liked’ on Facebook, your subscriptions, photos, friends, videos, etc. You can even add custom pages by adding apps to your account. You can only display four though, so choose wisely! Here’s an example of a brand page’s buttons. Notice that the last two are custom buttons. Click the image to visit Coca Cola’s page and see what their other buttons are (just click the small down arrow next to the rightmost button.)Coca Cola Facebook Timeline Brand Page

What questions do you have? Are you still scared of Facebook Timeline? The forced switch is coming at the end of March 2012 so start getting comfy now. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t, just be aware that your information may display a little differently than before so be sure to take the time to review it when Timeline goes live.

Post by Cricky Cicchetti

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