Relax, start scheduling content

If, like many small business owners, you are doing Inbound Marketing on top of everything else you have to do for your company, give yourself a break. Don’t let a busy week ruin the momentum you’ve been building–when you have a free afternoon, write a couple blog posts, craft some Tweets, and choose when they’ll go live. Give yourself some wiggle room and start scheduling content!

  • Time management – If you’ve already created something *and* pre-determined a schedule to share it on social platforms, you don’t have to worry if you have an unexpectedly busy day. Even if you’re stuck in a meeting, your blog post will still get published on time.
  • Higher quality – With all of this more efficient time management you can afford to spend time creating your content. Rather than hastily throwing together a blog post on your lunch break you can sit down and work on it when it better suits you.
  • Timing – Being able to choose exactly when something will go live is a blessing! Whether you want to time a post with a certain announcement, share something in a certain window of time in which you know you’ll have the biggest audience, or just stay on a predictable schedule so your followers know when to expect new content, scheduling can actually increase the effectiveness of your content.

That said, there’s also a lot of responsibility attendant with developing a content schedule. Scheduling is a tool like any other, it shouldn’t be used in every situation. Figure out how far in advance you can afford to plan.

  • Don’t get lazy! – Make sure your content stays current and fresh. Don’t spend a week creating content that will last you for two months. If you work too far out in advance you’ll lose the ability to provide fresh perspectives on new topics.
  • Don’t cheat! – Just because certain platforms make it easy to schedule ¬†”bulk Tweets,” don’t give in to the temptation! Check out this HubSpot article on the dangers of Tweet automation. ¬†General gist is: Don’t outsource, keep Tweets un-spammy, and don’t schedule the same post multiple times or across multiple accounts. It will keep your Tweets more effective and genuine and keep you off the radar of spam catchers.
  • Don’t forget!¬†- If you’re so busy that you’re scheduling things in a frenzy for very far in advance and then not revisiting your sharing timeline for a long time, you’ve got to be very careful. Don’t forget what’s going to be shared when and don’t let the end of the schedule sneak up on you!

What kind of content do you schedule? How far in advance do you plan?

Post by Cricky Cicchetti

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