Search by Image: A whole new kind of web search!

Mr. Toad Esq.Hold on to your Cheetos, Internet Obsessives! You may not know this, but right now you can search the Internet with a photo. That’s right, instead of typing in a search query, you can just drag and drop a photo over the search bar and Google will just tell you what it is! Take this little toad for instance. He’s adorable but where on earth is he from? Never fear, using one of the four methods of Google Search by Image¬†you can easily track him down. Check out the screenshot below of our Google Search by Image of this little gent. Note the Google Knowledge Graph at work on the right, figuring out from our image that we’re probably trying to track down the book this fellow is from!

google search by image screenshot

Given the ever-increasing importance of images in marketing (I’m looking at you, Pinterest!) I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a sign of¬†improved awareness of image sourcing practices. It would make sense to keep an eye on Google’s Search by Image if you’re a company that creates a lot of original art or markets via original images.

Google Search by Image can help you identify a painting, a famous monument or geographic feature, or the origin of an image. It can also find additional photos for you with similar content and color balance. Or the name of that guy who sings the part of the song you like to listen to in the shower… or whatever.

google search by image harry styles

Keep it real and don’t let your newly discovered powers of search go to your head!

Post by Cricky Cicchetti

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