Simplify Your Inbound Strategy

The problem: Before you can even get to marketing, you’ve got to simplify your inbound strategy! There are so many freestanding social platforms available that managing all of your accounts is becoming a bit of a headache. A whole industry has grown around the need to manage many distinct accounts. Many are leaping to social media management software or social media consultancy companies just to put off dealing with the confusion.

The solution: Don’t panic. Just de-clutter and re-organize so you can start fresh.

  • simplify your inbound strategySocial Platforms: Delete old platforms you no longer use. If your company still has a MySpace account but your customers are no longer there and you don’t update it regularly, get rid of it. Better to have a few very well-maintained and active streams than a number of neglected platforms with weak engagement.
  • Email Accounts: If all of your company’s social media accounts are linked to different email addresses then you’ve got a problem. Delete email addresses you no longer use and assign just one to manage all your social media. As Google starts to change the landscape of social search, it will become increasingly important (and easy!) to manage all of your discrete platforms by just signing in once.
  • Individual v. Business Profiles: The web has gotten smarter. Google+, Facebook, and other large platforms now allow for individual-owned brand pages so you can be linked to your company profile without blurring the lines between home and work. Delete “admin profiles” and replace them with real people that will manage the brand profile.
  • Link Together: If you don’t already have a Google+ brand page for your company, make one. Link your website, blog, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter (and any other platforms that are important to your company) to this profile. Then go back and make sure that each of these platforms are interconnected to each other as well. Make it easy for people to find you so that you don’t lose traffic that could turn into valuable sales leads.

You’ll feel better after a bit of Spring Cleaning. Just because a profile or email account exists, doesn’t mean it can’t be deleted, cleaned up, or streamlined to make it more useful.

What other steps are important to lay the groundwork for online campaigns? Leave me comment or find me online!

Post by Cricky Cicchetti

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