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Google Analytics: Excluding traffic from specific IPs

google analyticsIf you have a new blog you’re definitely going to want to integrate it with all of Google’s tools (start by verifying your blog with Google Webmaster Tools – it’s has some good insights and it always pays to be in Google’s directory.) One of the most valuable free tools you have at your disposal is Google Analytics. When you’re setting this up, don’t forget the very important step of removing your own computer’s IP address (and, if your family is like mine, your parents’ IP addresses) from the results. Excluding traffic from those who will visit your site very frequently because of a close personal connection (or other reason) can help you get a better snapshot of the healthy of your website.

This is actually surprisingly easy. After you set up your Google Analytics account by installing a little tracking code into your website, just create a filter.

  • Select [Admin] –> [Filters] and choose the button [+New Filter]
  • Create a New Filter (type, predefined) and exclude the desired IP address. Not sure what your IP address is? Just type “my IP address” into a Google search bar and your IP address will be displayed at the top of your search results.

excluding IPs from search traffic google analytics

Now, enjoy tracking the traffic to your website! Now you’re tracking just the visitors that you want to be tracking! What are some other Google Analytics tips that you’ve found useful?

Post by Cricky Cicchetti