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Rich Snippets Testing Tool: Totally Chill

rich snippets testing tool cricky cicchetti inboundtasticThere are a couple tools that I use all the time, but a particularly cool one is Google’s Rich Snippets Testing Tool. It took me a little while (and a number of handfuls of M&M’s from the office gum-ball machine) to figure this out, but it’s not as scary and foreign as it sounds. If you’re comfortable mucking around in the html of your blog post you’ll definitely be able to handle rich snippet markup.

What is a rich snippet?

Google has a great page that explains rich snippets, but the basic gist is that you can embed certain structured information in your blog posts that will flag information for Google’s search result snippets.

Here’s a rich snippet preview of one of my past blog posts. You can see what data Google can extract from your markup (in this example you can see the extracted author/publisher data for the page). Note that the Google search preview shows a little picture of me. That’s because I linked my post to my Google+ account. Here’s an explanation of how to do author markup. If you’re waiting for Google to index you, the Rich Snippets Testing Tool is a great way to make sure you’ve marked up your post correctly.

rich snippet preview cricky cicchetti inboundtastic

Why should my markup have rich snippets?

A search engine’s job is to connect people with the content that they’re looking for. Helping search engines out by telling them explicitly what they’re looking for will only help you get found by those who are trying to find you. I found this article from Google Support on microdata very helpful in figuring out how to do it.

Was this post helpful? What are some tools that you like using?

Post by Cricky Cicchetti