What is Google’s Knowledge Graph?

What the heck is Google’s Knowledge Graph and what does it mean for digital marketers? The quick and dirty of it is that Google search is getting smarter. A lot smarter.

Google Knowledge Graph digital marketers

Search queries drive modern interaction with the Internet and up until now it’s been pretty clunky. There hasn’t been another option so it’s never really bothered anyone. We use single words to narrow down all the websites on the Internet until we have just the right few pages that we’re looking for. That’s not a natural way to search. It’s not only prone to abuse, but it’s all based on the text of a website rather than the meaning of its content. Google’s new take on search is based on the relationships between keywords and how they affect each other rather than how they cut down search results by the presence of keywords on a page. Make sense? Lance Uloff gave a great example in his article (Google Search Just Got 1,000 Times Smarter) published on Mashable earlier today:

Google is switching from simple keyword recognition to the identification of entities, nodes and relationships. In this world, “New York” is not simply the combination of two keywords that can be recognized. It’s understood by Google as a state in the U.S. surrounded by other states, the Atlantic Ocean and with a whole bunch of other, relevant attributes.

Want to see it in action? Type a famous person’s name into Google. Google search now understands that when I type in Nikola Tesla I’m curious about a person and that I’m probably looking for some basic facts rather than a bunch of websites with that keyword phrase. You can also do this with geographic features, movies, countries, and brands! Check out the screenshot from my test:

Google Knowledge Graph in action

How will this impact those who are trying to optimize their websites for favorable Google site indexing? It’s a little too soon to tell, but in the meantime just do what Google suggests and just keep creating relevant and interesting content!

Post by Cricky Cicchetti

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